Penticton videographer creates ‘Stranger Things’ tribute on Munson Mountain


“A Penticton videographer has filmed an epic tribute to the Netflix phenomenon “Stranger Things,” shot atop Munson Mountain.

Shane Groot of Lambs Media is a fan of the popular show, and a scene in the latest season got his creative juices flowing.

“I was watching the new season of Stranger Things and when that badass guitar solo came on I thought to myself, I need to re-create this,” Groot said.

“I just got a new camera so I wanted to test it out before trying to use it for professional contracts as well. Munson Mountain’s been such a nice spot for sunsets, so I knew that was where I wanted to film it.”

He recreated an iconic scene in the latest season — no spoilers, other than the soundtrack — atop the mountain, jokingly calling it “Eddie Munson” mountain after one of the series’ characters.

The armoured knight featured on guitar in the video is a character Groot likes to add to what he calls his “silly” videos, outside of his professional work.

“The Pentictoknight is actually a couple of different people whenever I can get someone willing to hop in the armour. In the video is Alex Broccolo (turning on the amp) and Adam Ingram in the armour shredding the guitar. Then I directed, filmed, and edited the video,” Groot explained, adding that the Pentictoknight can be found on TikTok under that handle getting up to shenanigans around town.” –Chelsea Powrie castanet

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