A Timeless Adventure Part 2

I can’t believe it! I am absolutely thrilled to have won the ReelPeachFest film festival this year. Being part of this incredible event and having the opportunity to showcase my work has been an amazing journey. When I first heard about the festival, I was excited to create something that truly captured the essence of our beautiful Okanagan region

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Andrew Jakubeit and the entire festival team for organizing this wonderful event that allows filmmakers like me to shine. The support and encouragement from my fellow filmmakers and the local audience have been truly heartwarming. And of course, the $1,000 prize is an added bonus that will undoubtedly support my future filmmaking endeavors.

This whole experience, especially after last year’s second-place finish, has truly ignited a passion in me to keep telling stories that capture our region’s spirit and connect people. As I soak in the joy of this victory, I’m already anticipating next year’s festival with excitement. To see the remarkable talents others will showcase on the screen is something I eagerly await. ReelPeachFest, thank you so much for this incredible honor!

– Shane Groot

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