DJ/ Audio Engineer/ Sound Designer
Brief info

With more than 10 years of experience as a DJ, 6 years of experience as a music producer and 4 years of experience as an audio engineer and sound designer.
Born in Mexico, Nico takes us to a world of sounds as new and nostalgic. His intention is always to take the night experience one step further.

Nico, our esteemed DJ, brings over a decade of musical mastery to the table. Hailing from Mexico, he seamlessly blends the familiar with the unexplored, delivering a sonic journey that is both contemporary and nostalgic. With six years dedicated to music production and four years honing his skills as an audio engineer and sound designer, Nico is a true maestro in the industry.

His mission goes beyond merely playing tracks; Nico is here to elevate the nocturnal experience. Born out of a passion for music, his sets transcend the ordinary, immersing listeners in a world where each beat tells a unique story.

We’re thrilled to have Nico on board, not just for his exceptional talent behind the decks but also for the wealth of experience he brings from the music industry. Join us in embracing the extraordinary as Nico takes us on a sonic adventure, pushing the boundaries of the night experience.

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